Seven Hills Ghost Hunters & Paranormal Researchers - Just starting to scope the other side of reality
                                         Seven Hills Ghost Hunters & Paranormal Researchers

                                  Along with being qualified in the sacred order of Saint Michael the Archangel - order of Exorcists
                                   We have two very qualified investigators which are member of S.O.S.M.  . We also have other member if needed for the case that are larger or usually . 
                                  Steven Flaherty has been interested in the paranormal for over 15 years . He has worked on many case that pertaining to the paranormal. He is in charge of the technical  aspect of our team. Which he is very qualified to handle do to all the equipment that we use.
                                   Michael Cram has been interested and involved in the paranormal his whole life.  He is the son of a Irish soothsayer. He worked with his mother that taught him all she know. He also has a gift of being a sensitive . He can tell if are spirit with us .
                                    When you feel as though you could be suffering with paranormal , demonic issues .  Always know that we are here to help. Just so you know that everything that  is said or done is always confidential
 To reach us : Seven Hills Ghost Hunters & paranormal researchers

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phone : # 508-579-6759

To reach :  Sacred Order of Saint Michael - Order of Exorcists  
    In his service 
Archbishop Ron Feyl , S.O.S.M.
     Chief Exorcists
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