Seven Hills Ghost Hunters & Paranormal Researchers - Just starting to scope the other side of reality
         Seven Hills Hunters Ghost & Paranormal Researchers
 Just starting to scope the other side of reality
        Seven Hills Ghost Hunters is a paranormal research group out of Worcester Massachusetts .
                                                    We are a small group of paranormal investigators . Our soul purpose is to help our clients to understand that of the paranormal activity that they maybe experiencing .
                                                    Our team of highly trained investigator that have worked along side of some of the best researchers in New England . We are highly skilled investigators that volunteer our time to help our clients to understand the activity in which they are experience , so that can better understand the paranormal .
                                                      We also belong to the Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel , Order of Exorcists . Which is independent of the Old Roman Catholic order . Two of our investigators are lead investigators for  {SOSM } that can deal with paranormal or demonic issues which may become need for an exorcism
                                                     We are a non - profit organization which is there to help those who contact us with any questioner or to share with them any legitmate problems they maybe experiencing free of charge .                   
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